About Ashton Simpson

I am running to be your next House District 47 Representative because we deserve a District in which our children can grow up healthy, safe, and strong; and one in which we can all truly call our home.  

I grew up in Houston, Texas and came to Portland after serving honorably in the United States Air Force. The Air Force gave me the opportunity to earn a college degree. I was honorably discharged and am a disabled veteran. After earning my degree in Community Development from Portland State University, I joined Colas Construction, the largest Black-owned construction company in the Pacific NW, as a Project Engineer. Every day I worked alongside working parents, union laborers, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers making ends meet. This also allowed me the opportunity to take my current job at Rosewood Initiative and move to East Portland to give my son and I a good life.

I am running because I have lived the life of so many in House District 47. I have lived the disinvestment in our community every day. From walking on dangerous roads with my son where too many people have died, to seeing my community members struggle to afford rent due to the lack of economic and housing opportunities.  I have seen our communities hurting, struggling to survive the pandemic, being devastated by the fires and smoke, and taking to the streets demanding a just and fair system. 

Yet, our voices go unheard in Salem. Our voices have been ignored by establishment politicians who continue to fight to return to the old “normal” because it suits their status quo —  a status quo that blamed our Black, and Brown communities for Oregon’s hardships as a way to divide us and keep us from obtaining the resources that we need and deserve, especially in East Portland. 

This election is our opportunity to make sure that our voices are uplifted and that we have the resources that we need by having corporations and wealthiest people contribute their fair share to our communities. 

So that we can invest in our community to expand economic opportunities, housing options and provide a sustainable future worthy of our children.


Please head on over to my priorities page to check out my full platform on housing, environmental, and economic justice. I am ready to serve you with dignity, respect and integrity, and to bring House District 47 with me to Salem.

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Ashton Simpson for State Representative


PO Box 6536, Portland, OR, 97228

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