"In every corner of the country, strong progressives are running at the state and local level to represent our movement and lead the fight to transform this country."

"These races are incredibly important — that’s why I am endorsing progressive, down-ballot candidates across the country. If you can, I hope you’ll cast your ballot for them when you vote."

"Ashton Simpson for State Representative, HD-[47]."

Bernie Sanders, Medium, October 2020

"During heat waves, Simpson says east Portland’s sea of asphalt parking lots and forest of brick and concrete buildings become 'suffocating hellscapes.'

'You’ve got heat radiating from the street, heat radiating from the sidewalks, heat radiating from the tops of roofs, heat radiating from the parking lots, heat radiating from cars,' he said. 'And if you are ill-prepared and have a heat stroke and you're a person of color...it’s clear that most of us are not ready for that.'"

Vice, April 2020

"Among the 48 signers of the Simpson endorsement are three former Democratic legislators from Portland: Jessica Vega Pederson, who held the District 47 seat for two terms before she was elected a Multnomah County commissioner in 2016; Lisa Naito, also a former state representative and county commissioner, and Margaret Carter, who was in both houses for a total of 23 years. Dacia Grayber, Democratic nominee in House District 35 that straddles Multnomah and Washington counties, also is a signer."

Portland Tribune, October 2020

"In the last eight weeks, Simpson has begun to build a coalition around a progressive agenda that fits with his district. His platform of empowering and uplifting communities of color, protecting renters, battling climate change at any cost, and curbing police abuses has gained him support from at least two sitting House Democrats, along with Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson, who formally represented HD 47.

'I wouldn’t say it’s an insurgency,' Simpson said Wednesday. 'I like the term ‘grassroots.’'"

OPB, October 2020

"Ashton Simpson, the Working Families Party candidate who is challenging Rep. Diego Hernandez (D-East Portland), now has the backing of some high-profile Democrats. They include County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson, who represented the same district before Hernandez, Rep. Rob Nosse (D-Portland), Rep. Carla Piluso (D-Gresham), and former state Sen. Margaret Carter (D-Portland)."

Willamette Week, September 2020

"An Air Force veteran and single father, Simpson said in the voters pamphlet that he would push for criminal justice reforms including reducing fees and fines, eliminating the death penalty, and improving programs to help formerly incarcerated people to re-enter the community. Simpson also lists as priorities a 'green New Deal,' reducing class sizes, raising teacher pay, improving transit and increasing 'attainable housing.'"

Oregon Live, September 2020

"[Ashton] says his priority is to get more resources to East Portland, a community he says has been neglected too long. And he points to the Metro transportation measure, which would provide significant investment in east county as evidence of the underinvestment. (He supports the measure.)"

"'We need adequate representation,' he says. 'In this moment, there are things on the ground that our leadership has not taken a closer look at.'"

Willamette Week, September 2020

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Ashton Simpson for State Representative


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